Friday, October 8, 2010

Keebler update, among other things.

This week marks four weeks status-post Keebler's tendon/bursa surgery.  We have had some discussions about keeping all four feet on the ground when out hand-walking, and we have had to add many levels of security to the Dutch doors on the stalls, as they are often mysteriously open in the morning, with a horse OUTSIDE who ought to be INSIDE.  Near as I can tell he hasn't done any foolish stuff, and it looks like the self-turnout actually has helped his demeanor considerably, even though there are now stall guards and clips securing the doors.  Just can't risk a big, dumb, feel-good buck-fest right now.

Stall toys are coming, and today he had a good time playing football with a stale loaf of French bread.  He also got to make mean faces at the vet and fling his vaccination syringe into the bedding.  Twice.  Lord, I will be glad (on so very many levels) when enforced confinement is over!

Soon I will have two weanlings on the place to keep each other company for the winter.  Ollie is driving all the grownup horses NUTS with his silly-boy antics, and badly needs a playmate.  Lilly, the filly that was born here in May, is coming back and spending the winter.  The two of them can torment each other non-stop, giving the adults a little peace and quiet.  As the mother of an only child, I often wish for a sibling for Evan for this very reason!

Speaking of stall toys, the big green ball in this video was once fully inflated.  Until Keebler decided to body slam it, pick it up in his teeth, and throw it out of his stall.  He apparently does not care for big green balls, but Ollie, as you can see, LOVES them.  

Next thing in the horse life is the Honey Run Team Challenge, where Bonnie will hit the "reset" button on her eventing career after a year away, doing the same show where she made her debut as a four-year-old.   That day ended with me on crutches, looking at ACL surgery.  Let's all hope very hard that Bonnie has learned a thing or two in her six years eventing and now realizes that a log on top of a hill does not mean jump the log AND the hill all in one leap!  Crazy Irish.

On the non-equine front, the fall colors are starting their two-week phase of pure gorgeousness, the weather is perfect, the NFL season is in full swing, Evan's digging Rocket football, and generally life is good.  I've figured out how to do audiobooks on my iPhone, and have tackled The Help, Year of Wonders, and Juliet recently.  Next up is a little bit more of a cerebral workout in Teaching Company: Exploring the Roots of Religion.  I loved the first three, and am certain the last one will be great as well.  I just need to find 36 hours to spend in the car! 

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