Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Where the heck did I put that lead shank with the CHAIN?

Keebler is officially one week status-post his tendon surgery, and unless you looked at the big, huge bandage on his leg (one more week of THAT) you'd never know it.  He apparently is feeling JUST FINE and our twice-daily walks are . . . thrilling at times.  Turkeys?  LEAP.  Rustling leaves?  BOLT.  Colt trotting up to the fence?  WHEEL AND SNORT.  This is not a spooky horse, he's just looking for stuff to do.  God help me, it is an adventure.  The boy feels GOOD.

He has not taken one single, solitary permitted step other than at the walk, but that hasn't kept him from doing some airs above the ground now and then.  And the leg does not seem to trouble him one bit.  Today's bandage change revealed perfectly clean, dry incisions.  The stitches come out in a week, at which point the bandages can be done away with.

The photo makes his (poor, naked) pastern look puffy, but it's not at all.  Looks fantastic, as a matter of fact.  There are two stitches; I'll be taking those out in a week.  And by the way, I can see him going through lots of aluminum shoes.  They are fantastically light, but durable?  Huh.  Half a dozen trips up and down the driveway at the (reluctant) walk and they're already hacked up and a bit worn.  So he can be a spotted Imelda Marcos, who cares? :-)  Chris keeps telling me that there are MANY types of aluminum and no doubt a better alloy could be devised to allow more durability without adding weight.  He'll get right on that, yup.

Next checkup is October 5th at MSU, at which point some lucky soul (probably me) gets to trot him out.  Should be fun!

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