Friday, December 10, 2010

Back in the saddle . . . a little

Keebler is now three months status post his tendon/bursa surgery, and has survived the period of enforced stall rest pretty darn well, considering.  No longer sore at all, he coped with the boredom and confinement like a trooper for the most part.  Still can't turn him out, but he's gone from 20 minutes walking under saddle to 25-30 minutes with a little bit of trotting here and there.  A few uneven steps, for sure, but his vet is pleased and thinks he's right on track.  Thankfully no hauling back and forth to Lansing for a while, as we just had our first snowfall of the year--about twelve inches--and my brand new trailer (see below!) is up to its axles in snow.

Dr. Stick thinks video updates are just fine, so with my handy dandy Flip video camera, I get to chronicle monthly test-trots, providing Keebler obliges by not dumping me on my head.  He's so very, very . . . happy to have a job again, even if it's mostly walking around the indoor arena and trying to canter when I'm not paying attention.  Which I am, always!  He's going to stay at GLEC for the winter so he can continue to work under saddle.  The babies miss him, sort of.  Well, not really, because he bit them whenever they came within reach.  In fact, they are digging his nice big stall as their nighttime hangout and feeling like their world is back to normal, both of them having been born in there before the Big, Bad, Gelding moved in.

The view is good from up here.
 The babies are growing and shaggy and sweet and eating me out of house and home!  Oliver was gelded this week and handled that about as well as you could expect.  He's going to be a "been there, done that" kind of horse even before he's been anywhere or done anything.  Lilly is BIG and bossy and surprisingly very quiet to handle, considering her mom was a bit . . . challenging.  There is a sweet, easy mare in there, and I hope I can keep her in sight because she's going to be gigantic.  All they're doing right now is eating, being groomed andtied and messed with a little and being babies.  Here they are trying on their winter clothes--so far lots of big-eyed sniffing and test nibbles but neither one has destroyed the other's outfit yet. 

So the only other exciting equine happening is my new horse trailer.  After the ramp fell off my ancient Sundowner at the show a couple of months ago, I went into damn-the-torpedoes mode and although the ramp was fixed within a couple of days, I was determined to finally get the new one I'd been thinking about for ages.  I got a beautful new Merhow from Dave Mcadoo at Tobruk Trailers, and although I've only driven it three times (once with a horse inside for 10 minutes), I think it's going to be fantastic.  My first gooseneck, it is a 2 horse straight load with a NICE, BIG dressing room and although it won't, even if the damn ramp falls off I can still drive the thing because there are separate rear doors back there.  All the bells and whistles I wanted, except the 2+1 layout, but one upgrade at a time . . .

Next year I really hope to have a couple of horses in there, heading out on some freeway somewhere on the way to some shows!

One of these days I really and truly am going to post some stuff that's NOT about horses.  Really.  I do have a life, sort of.

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