Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Horses might not be my son's cup of tea, but . . .

I must have done at least an adequate job indoctrinating him.  Today after school he decided to invent some of his own Pokemon characters.  After the obligatory death and destruction-types (with powers such as "nuclear blast", "TNT", and other such boy things) he was at a loss for the next one in the series.

He looked out the window for a few minutes and said "GOT IT!".  Who or what did he see out there?  Why, his pony, of course!  Standing by the corner of the paddock, looking hopefully up at the house to see if maybe dinner might be three hours early today.

"PONY is the name of the new Pokemon, Mom, and it has only one power".

I'm thinking "bite" or "kick" or "trample" or maybe even "run underneath a tree branch", knowing ponies.

Nope, the awesome pony-power is . . . CUTENESS!  Could anything BE cuter?

He may not be a horse kid, but at least the pony has made an impression, and that's something at least. 


  1. awwww, that is sooooo cool..I hope I indoctrinate my kiddos a well!!